Flights to Orlando

Orlando Airport is 25 minutes away and Sanford Airport is 50 minutes away
From the UK, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic have scheduled flights direct to Orlando Airport (MCO) . The cheaper charter airlines will usually land at Sanford Airport (SFB). Flying time from London is on average 9 hours going and 8 hours on your return with a tail wind.

All major and most discount airlines, including American, Northwest, US Airways, Southwest, JetBlue, Spirit, Ted, and ATA fly to Orlando International Airport (MCO, PHONE: 407/825-2001,, which serves as a hub for Delta and AirTran. The airport is divided into two terminals, A and B, and is easy to navigate thanks to excellent signs. Monorails shuttle you from gate areas to the core area, where you'll find baggage claim. The airport is southeast of Orlando and northeast of Walt Disney World.

Flying time is 2½ hours from New York, 3½ hours from Chicago, and 5 hours from Los Angeles.

Don't forget to reconfirm your flight before you leave for the airport. Orlando's frequent summer storms can cause your flight to be delayed or even cancelled. You can do this on your carrier's Web site, by linking to a flight-status checker (many Web booking services offer these), or by calling your carrier or travel agent.